About mytaxi

The story of foundation

The idea of a start-up wasn’t developped in a garage and our founders are also no Harvard diploma holders. Far from it: mytaxi is a classical “beer coaster idea“.

In winter 2008 Niclaus Mewes and Sven Külper sat together with friends and discussed about new ideas for mobility. At this time car sharing agencies were very trendy. They had the vision of an app which intelligent connects mobil platforms and uses the full synergetic potential of several modes of transport. As often this idea came to naught at first.

Some months later they visited a foreign town and tried to get a taxi. The situation couldn’t have been more complicated: far and wide no taxi. Additionally they haven’t had any telephone number of a taxi centre and had no idea where they exactly were.

They asked themselves why did no app existed for ordering a taxi no matter where you are. Just have thinking about this aspect they started again to discuss about the future of the taxi branche and came back to their original idea: a mobility platform for ordering taxis.

An revolutionary idea

Mytaxi were founded in June 2009 by Niclaus Mewes (CEO) and Sven Külper (CMO). With mytaxi they guided the taxi market to the 21th century and redefinied it completly.

The concept lives from the idea to built up a direct connection between taxi driver and passenger to offer a modern alternative for the ordering process.

The app especially developped for this matter (iOS, Android, WP7, BlackBerry) were sold over 10 million times up to now and is available in more than 40 cities with over 45.000 connected taxis.

Our history

June 2009: Foundation of mytaxi

Until May 2011: Launch of mytaxi cars in 6 german major cities

August 2011: mytaxi Wien as first international market

2011/12: Launch Barcelona, Zürich, Warschau

July 2012: Implementation of Mobile Payment

October 2012: Launch Washington und Madrid

March 2013:  Enlargement of Mobile Payment

August 2013: Launch mytaxi Delivery

February 2014: Adaption oft he new pricing system

Our datas and facts

With 40 percent share in the market every second taxi is part of mytaxi by now. Mytaxi was not only the first taxi app worldwide but is also the market leader in taxi apps with 45000 connected cars and 10 million downloads. Mytaxi is meanwhile available in more than 40 cities in Germany and also international in Vienna, Graz, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw and Washington.

  • Business name: (mytaxi) Intelligent Apps GmbH
  • Foundation: June 2009
  • Headquarter: Hamburg
  • Management board: Niclaus Mewes (CEO & founder), Sven Külper (CMO & founder)
  • Employees: by now more than 150 employeesr
  • Offices: Hamburg, Berlin, München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Köln, Wien, Zürich, Barcelona, Madrid, Warschau and Washington D.C.
  • Investors: T-Venture Holding GmbH (Deutsche Telekom AG), moovel GmbH (Daimler AG), KfW, e42 GmbH, Lars Hinrichs (Cinco Capital GmbH)

Our products

The Taxi-App

As first taxi app worldwide mytaxi bulits up a direct connection between driver and passenger. The app is available in two different free versions – one for the driver and another one for the passenger. Both versions are available in the App-Store, Android Play Store, BlackBerry® World™ by online order and at the german market also in the Windows Market Place. During the ordering process the passenger is informed about the driver’s phone number and name, datas from the car and the average evaluation for the driver. The passenger is located via GPS and he is able to follow the whole drive live to see exactly at what time the taxi will arrive.

Same Hour Delivery

With mytaxi Delivery mytaxi offers a software to international retailers which makes it possible to deliver goods whithin one hour or to a prefered time. The Instant Delivery Software can be integrated into the service offer both by webshop operators, supraregional retailers with a fixed branch network, and single retailers. As the biggest taxi agency in Europe mytaxi accesses a network of more than 45000 taxis.  

mytaxi TV

Since the end of 2013 mytaxi doesn't just bring taxis to the guests, but also equips the cars with tablets. With it the guests can watch news and weather clips. In addition companies can place advertising for their products in the infotainment system. Up to now several establishments (e.g. HRS, Spotify, Miles&More, and Samsung) are using this type of advertisement.

In Munich, Berlin and Hamburg already 300 taxis are driving around with mytaxi TV. In year 2014 the offer should be expanded to other city, also in foreign countries. Every driver who offers the infotainment system in his car is paid for this by mytaxi. 

Our successes

  • Vision Award 2011 „Beste App“
  • Code_n Award 2012
  • Mobile Tech Awards 2012 „Beste iOS App“
  • Innovationspreis-IT 2012
  • Lead Awards 2012 „Webservice des Jahres“
  • Winner of App Circus Online Competition
  • „App des Jahres“,  priced by App Store the best of 2012
  • „Innovation of the year 2013“, priced by FOCUS Digital Star at DLD
  • „Best German Startup 2013“, priced by „The Europas“